SimCity BuildIt Hack and Cheat

SimCity Buildit Cheat Hack

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SimCity BuildIt is a redesigned mobile game from the SimCity series. This allows players to create and manage their unique and dream city on the go both online and offline. With its 3D and vivid graphics and countless building, you will find that this is the most realistic city builder on mobile. The players will have to balance trading systems, manage natural disasters and provide the citizens with power and entertainment that meets their needs. This game is developed and published by Electronic Arts for iOS and Android devices.

Here are some guides and cheats to be more efficient in playing SimCity Buildit

1. The more people living in your city means the more tax money that you will gain. Make sure that you build a lot of new residences so that people will move in the city. Don’t forget to upgrade them as much as you can. Keep your population happy.

2. It is important where you place your public buildings in relation to your residential buildings. Maximize your investments by making sure that your public building touches as many residences as possible because this helps generate more tax income.

3. Do not spend your premium currency to speed up a timer. I know that it is tempting especially early on the game but it is not worth it.

4. Do not spend all the coins provided at the start of the game. As you start leveling up, you will unlock new requirements that requires capital in order to get them to start. If you don’t have all the money saved up, it will take a long time to purchase them and you will not have the ability to upgrade.

5. Log in at least once a day so you can collect your taxes and restart the timer. Also, remember that the happier the citizens means they will pay higher taxes. Make sure all the citizens are currently 100 percent happy before thinking of expanding. Provide parks, essential services like fire stations, police or be free from pollution.

Start creating your dream city. Start playing SimCity Buildit!

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